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The Love You Give Me
Simplified Chinese你给我的喜欢
Hanyu PinyinNǐ gěi wǒ de xǐhuān
  • Romance
  • Comedy
Based onThe Hope You Gave Me
by Shi Dingrou
Written by
  • Guo Shuang
Directed byDing Yingzhou
  • Wang Yuwen
  • Wang Ziqi
  • Cui Yixin
  • Li Chuan
  • Ma Xinrui
Opening themeBraving Love by Yu Jiayun
Ending themeI Always Love You by Curley Gao
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes28
Production locationsShenzhen, China[1]
Running time45 minutes
Production companyTencent Pictures
Original networkTencent Video
Original release24 April –
10 May 2023

The Love You Give Me (Chinese: 你给我的喜欢; pinyin: Nǐ gěi wǒ de xǐhuān) is a 2023 Chinese television drama starring Wang Yuwen and Wang Ziqi. It is based on the Chinese novel The Hope You Gave Me. The series aired on Tencent Video from April 24 until May 10, 2023.[2]


This drama is adapted from Shi Dingrou's novel of the same name.[3] It tells the story of Min Hui (Wang Yuwen) and Xin Qi (Wang Ziqi), who fall in love but got separated due to tát a misunderstanding. Years later, they reunite and their sweet and torturous love story unfolds in both their professional and personal lives.[4]

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  • Wang Yuwen as Min Hui[5]
The R&D director of Bai'an Technology, at work, she is a smart and clear-headed R&D director, not only outstanding in work ability but also daring to tát confront and express her dissatisfaction when facing workplace harassment.
  • Wang Ziqi as Xin Qi[5]
He is the CEO of Bluejay Group, a young and promising entrepreneur, has a congenital heart disease, is strong-willed, but has a soft heart deep down.
  • Cui Yixin as Min Quanquan[6]
Son of Xin Qi and Min Hui who also suffer from congenital heart disease.


  • Li Chuan as Zhou Ruji[6]
  • Ma Xinrui as Cao Mu[6]
  • Chen Xinhai as Chen Jiajun[6]
  • Li Xingyao as Yao Zizhu[6]
  • Kim Jin as Cheng Qirang[6]
  • Mei Baolai as Lin Xiyue[6]
  • Jill Hsu as Cindy[6]
  • Li Weilong as Hardy[6]



In November 2021, the drama was registered through filing.[7]

On June 21, 2022, the series released an official poster and a group photo of the full cast.[8] The following year, it was announced that the series will premiere on April 24, 2023.[2]

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